Friday, October 29, 2010

Minister should set a good example on volunteerism

 Dear Mr. Tan
I wonder why we have so many Ministers in the PMO doing coordination work and some without portfolios. Where can we find the job scopes of each Ministers, including the MM and the SM and the President? Given the remuneration they are getting, I can only assume that each of their jobs is uniquely important and cannot be done by any other Ministers and Ministries. And I am also wondering what do the Ministers discuss during Cabinet meetings if they are not discussing about how the Ministries should work together and how they can cooperate to make Singapore a better place for citizens? If they could be more productive in their meetings and in their work, they can save quite a bit of money and that can be utilized for many other things. One example will be to hire more teachers and more health care providers, at higher salaries?

Just a thought but I thought the senior Ministers should lead the country in heightening of volunteerism by not accepting salaries but work as volunteers in the PMO?



Lye Khuen Way said...

Have always wondered why the PMO is composed as it is !
Cannot find a matching structure in the commercial world, or am I daft ?
As to the call for not accepting salaries, let us all accept that we can dream-on. It is non-the-less a gentle reminder to our "leaders" that we do expect more from them.

Unknown said...

work for free? u wait long long hor

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