Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nourishing the poor

Wong Wee Nam has written an excellent article about the income gap. Singapore fared among the worst in the world.

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yujuan said...

THis is no longer news, it always happen in countries with a river wide disparity in incomes.
Even the Govt is helping to promote it. Else how do you explain
MP Liliy Neo's failed proposal to a welfare increase of a miserable $30 or so, and have her mouth shut up when her proposal was compared on spending between a meal at the hawkers and one with sharksfin.
People could stinge by eating ikan bilis and blanchan, it's the medical bills that floor the lower income group. They could die, but could not be sick, the high income
earners could have the world's best medical attention at their feet. This is the best comparison between the gap.

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