Saturday, October 30, 2010

Work on Saturday

Dear Mr. Tan,
As I was driving into a car park, I said hello to the security guard.  We recognize each other as I park at the same car park every week. "Hi, not working today?", he asked.  "No, not on a Saturday," I replied.  "So good", he said with an envious look on his face.

It dawned on me there and then that to some, not having to work on a Saturdays is a real perk! I've not worked on Saturdays since mid 90s and I've forgotten, until I saw the look on the security guard, the agony of having to go to work on Saturdays.

I urge our Ministers and the civil servants to please come down from their high horses to walk the ground of the commoners, who by the way are actually your masters and customers. You are to serve us, not trample over us.


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Laremy said...

I don't think it's possible/logical for 100% of the population to only work from Mon to Fri.

If this happens, who will run the F&B, entertainment sectors, etc. on the weekends then?

We will still need people to work on weekends, but perhaps a better solution would be to have two mandatory 'off' days for them a week so that we stagger the responsibilities e.g.
* Person A works from Mon - Fri, has the weekend to herself;
* Person B works from Wed - Sun, has Mon and Tue to himself to rest;
*Person C works from Thu - Mon, has Tue and Wed to rest, etc.

Perhaps this is a more equitable solution.

Fortunately (or not), this is something that comes under the purview of the Ministry of Manpower.

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