Thursday, October 28, 2010

SDP needs your help to step up campaign

Several investors who have lost a lot of money on the mini-bonds, Pinnacle notes and other financial products have expressed the wish to see a stronger opposition contesting the next general election. I hope that these investors and other citizens who have been unfairly treated by our system, will do their part to make this happen.

I have met with the leaders and active members of our political parties and know the difficulties that they faced in finding the people and money for the contests. Many of the leaders have made big personal sacrifices in participating in politics to offer an alternative to our citizens. Some have lost their jobs and incomes and have sued in court. But they struggled on - in their fight for a more just and equal society, for democracy, freedom of speech and human rights, for jobs at adequate wages and  a more affordable cost of living.

I want to introduce you to the Singapore Democratic Party and invite you to visit their website, Do spend some time to read and understand what they stand for, and what they are fighting for.

Some people have a negative opinion of Dr. Chee Soon Juan, due to past events and slanted coverage in the mainstream media. I have got to know Dr. Chee well in during the past two years. He is positive and sensible in his approach. He has a family with three young children. Like many ordinary citizens, they have to struggle financially to meet the high cost of living with an inadequate income stream. Dr. Chee and his family could have led a comfortable life by staying out of politics or migrating from Singapore.

I know that many people are afraid to be involved with an "opposition" political party. But if few people are willing to step forward, the situation in Singapore will continue to get worse for the ordinary people. There is one thing that you can do, in the background. You can make an anonymous donation to help any of the political party in this struggle. I urge you to step forward and be as generous as you.

Tan Kin Lian


yujuan said...

Used to have a negative view of Dr. Chee, finding him naive and childish when he went on hunger strikes some years ago.
Recently saw him talking on video, and find him a good speaker with a highly logical and intelligent mind.
We now admire his passion in his belief, his tenacity and unwavering steadfastness against all odds, qualities that we admire in MM Lee when we were teenagers.
He would make a charismatic leader in politics, provided by then, he would be able to tame his impulsiveness. But for now, his impulsiveness is an attractive quality, and in the eyes of the ruling PAP, he is like the detested
cockroach that has to be crushed by all means, but the more PAP attacks him, the more we see him as an underdog, inviting sympathy and pity. Best luck to him, as by paying him great attention, PAP is revealing to us he is a worthy opponent to watch out for.

Alvin said...

Mr Tan,

I watched Dr Chee's National Day video and found that he made a lot of sense. He has mellowed his approach, which will go down much better with Singaporeans.

However, if you mention Dr Chee, many will still have stark images of him shouting at SM Goh in public like a hooligan at the last election

So Dr Chee has to do something strong to build back his credibility with the public, including giving a sincere apology for his behaviour - no excuses, no justification.

Only then, I think, will the public be willing to accept him as a credible political candidate.

Tan Kin Lian said...

A person sent an observation to me - that most Singaporeans are selfish and stingy. They will not do anything to achieve their goal - they only know how to complain and expect other people to sacrifice and fight for them, and they will only move when their self interest are threatened.

I believe that there are some Singaporeans do not fit into this mold and are willing to do their part to achieve the wider goal of making a better future for all of us.

I hope that these Singaporeans will step forward and be generous in their donations and giving their support to the other people who are willing to speak for them.

rex said...

Rex comments as follows,

Many of us remember Dr Chee's so called "confrontational" approach when he shouted to Goh Chok Tong "WHERE IS THE MONEY MR GOH!!!". This was in reference to some alleged misappropriation of Singapore's wealth to Indonesian regime, a very very big amount appeared to be unaccounted for in the Singapore records of net balance.

Is this "confrontational" style no good?

Even Jesus Christ has "righteous anger", remember when he saw the money making opportunists outside the temple of god, he blew up and got angry and scolded everybody, and even overturned the tables? I am not a Christian at all, but i am schooled in christian anecdotes. Righteous Anger makes sense. For those who are christians - most christians support PAP i think - this anecdote may jolt you to a more fair balance when evaluating politicans.

Let me give you another example. You all know that CPF money is locked up more and more by the government. Don't you sometimes feel tempted to shout to the Prime Minister, "WHERE IS THE MONEY! WHY CAN:T I TAKE OUT MY OWN MONEY and manage it on my own terms, Where is MY money, Mr Lee?"

There comes a time when the brave and sensible have to make their presence felt.

So, actually i have no problems at all with the so called "confrontational approach" of Dr Chee. When you deal with evil, you are none the wiser for keeping quiet like a mouse either.

Take a more open view of life, my dear friends everywhere, especially those christians who habitually vote pap. (let me know if i am wrong - i think most christians vote PAP)


AB said...

I too did not quite agree with the methods used by Dr Chee and I was also influenced by the bad image as portrayed by main stream media. However I have viewed him as someone who has been targetted and bullied.

And after I had seen him in person and listened to his speeches I have a very positive view of him. He has acted as a real opposition should in voicing out things that really matters, and in the process has made very very big sacrifices for the good of the country.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Another reader asked me why I am taking this high risk to help to raise funds for the SDP to fight the general election. Surely this will make the government leaders angry? And why the SDP with their past baggage?

The SDP has approached me for help and I feel tht they deservered to be helped. I hope that other citizens, esepcially those who expressed a strong wish to have a moer balanced Parliament, should now do their part.

The SDP is not perfect, and neither is any of the political parties. If we focus on the negative, there will be no change and we will continue to go downwards.

Let us look at the positive side of the SDP (or any other political party) and play our small part to make our voice hear. Make a donation to show that we want to see a change.

yujuan said...

All netizens reading this section of TKL's blog would fear for Mr. Tan. But the ruling Party should be more fearful of the opposition
making inroads to communicate with the electronate thru the net via someone's blog, esp one that has gained a respectable following, thanks to the Minibond saga. It is a brillant move by the opposition.
For netizens we fear that the Govt would block or close this blog, citing security reasons with the impending GE.
Perhaps Mr. Tan could delve more on the positive aspects of the ruling Govt. e.g. discussing the articles on the Minister Khaw's blog. The Health minister seems more humane and approachable, unlike most of his colleagues. At least he does not trapple on our feet by making hurtful comments.

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