Thursday, October 28, 2010

Asking for my advice

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Each day, a few consumers approached me to ask me to explain the life insurance policy that is recommended by an insurance agent. If the agent, who is earning a few thousand dollars is not able to explain the policy and convince the consumer, it is not fair for the consumer to expect me to spend the time to educate them on why they should or should not buy the policy. It is time consuming to educate an ignorant consumer.

I suggest that the consumer should read my book, Practical Guide on Financial Planning (available for $12 at and attend the educational talk ($36) organised by FISCA ( The consumer can save a lot of money (maybe $100,000 or more) by avoiding the bad products. But the consumer has to spend the time and put in the effort to be educated.

If the consumer applies the benchmark of 20% deduction at 25 years, the consumer would understand why most life insurance should be avoided. The FAQs in my website explains how this can be calculated.

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