Thursday, December 23, 2010

Offering packages at Temple

Hi Mr. Tan,
I would like to share with readers and hopefully, authority can pick up the message. I went to 财神庙 at sembawang for "return prayers" to 太岁. I noticed that the offering packages are at $10 per packet. I've 5 packets to buy. I remember other temples used to offer just like $2 per packet. Hence total amount paid today is about $50.00. I could have paid $10.00 in other temples. Just feel that a temple should review the sales price of the offering packages and offer wider selection, e.g. $5, $2 packages for devotees/visitors.
Sembawang resident


yujuan said...

There is a well known Fengshui shop along Upper Thompson Road, trying to sell special lucky wood bracelets, with prices starting fromm $3,000 all the way up to $200,000, with verbal promises of great financial fortune bestowed on the wearer within a short space of time.
Nearly fell off my chair when the salesgirl tried her charming sales

Vincent Sear said...

The Sembawang temple is the Mecca of God of Fortune. If one can't afford the price of its fortune packs, then go to another temple where one can afford.

Personally, I neither believe God of Fortune nor fortune pack. However, I've been to the Sembawang temple quite a few times as volunteer tour leader for constituency organised tours. They do serve free food and give out free stuff too. Whether it's while one's while and faith, it's up to one to think and decide.

If one treats religious offerings and price tags like pasar malam goods to be bargained and complained over, one self-defeats the faith of believing in that religion and the religious establishment, doesn't it?

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