Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No campaigning on 6 May 2011

Dear Mr. Tan
I hope everyone in the oppositions to exercise extreme care on May 6.  Please exercise extreme care not to do anymore campaigning.


Carrot said...

I happened upon this video about capitalism and its effects on people. It is 80 minutes long, but I really suggest that you sit through it.

I got chills when I think about the parallels of actions and events with what has happened in Singapore. My thoughts after watching? What is the true history of Singapore? Each and every Singaporean must know about this so that we can make a Singaporean Singapore.

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism,

yujuan said...

Yea, all opposition Parties better shut your gaps, else you would contravene the no campaign, cooling off shen zi on 6th May, else be arrested, charged, and forfeit chance to stand for election.
They suka suka enact laws just to put them down. Last time their focus attacks were on James Gomey, now they
train eyes on Chen Show Mao, their most feared opponent. So Ah Mao, be prepared for more bullets to come.

Singapore's 5 Minute Investment Diary said...

Dear Mr Tan

May I respectfully use your forum to gently also remind all bloggers and folks who leave comments to be very careful careful with their choice of words on 6 May.

I'm not familiar with the full details of the rules on 6th May.

But whatever that needs to be said, please finish by 5th May.

I'm not sure if blog owners will be held responsible for comments especially on a sensitive day like 6 May. So please, let's help keep each other out of trouble.

At the risk of being flamed, blog owners may wish to turn off their comments feature on 6 May.

"Let's keep each other safe out there"

Vincent Sear said...

I'll be involved in this election as assentor and counting agent. The cooling off day applies to candidates and personnels involved only, i.e. no rallies, no walkabouts, no emailing or SMSing public for campaign purposes etc.

It's not gag order on public, i.e. the public can still discuss election topics at home, at coffeeshop and even on internet.

For the candidates and personnels involved, it's a rest day after 9 days of tedious campaign activities. For the public, it's the day to think over their choice without noises from both sides.

michael13 said...

If Ah Mao is sincere and committed to serve the interest of people, NO bullet can really penetrate him. History has proven that again and again'. The spirit lives on. 'People Power' - A mighty force at work!

zhummmeng said...

The cooling off day is a trap for those who can't resist opening their big mouth.The opposition has to be very careful.If caught it would forfeit their candidacy. A trap...

Vincent Sear said...

Zhummmeng is blunt but right again. Anybody breaking any cooling off day rule may be disqualified before polling, or even after, have result challenged and annulled if s/he wins.

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