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Real medical cost in Singapore

Read this article in SGEP. The real medical cost is higher than stated by the Minister for Health.


Weng Mao Fa said...

CASE NO. 5711193395D
The impatient discharge summary stated attending doctor is TKY.
In actual, a resident doctor did the minor surgery with instruction from Dr TKY.

Are buyers (subsidesed patients) aware of hospital policy?

Weng Mao Fa said...

Next, the discharge instruction was "TCU GS T3 MO 2/52" @KTPH Specialist Clinic

On appointment date, an India national Medical Officer from the SPECIALIST CLINC attend to patient.

The patient is charged SPECIALIST PRICE !

Buyer beware!

Weng Mao Fa said...

After the minor surgery, my medical conditions deterioted.

I telephone the special clinic for an early appointment. I am declined and instructed to visit Emergency Department.

Upon consultation with the Emergency Specialist, doctor ask me "why come here, why not the specialst clinic" !!!

After treatment from Emergency Specialist, she throw me back to Specialist Clinic.

THIS IS A REAL CASE OF A SUBSIDESED PATIENT @KTPH (Best service hospital, ST 15/4/2011)

Weng Mao Fa said...

After so much suffering, I decided to upgrade myself to B1 and request for qualified Consultan to attend me. Both the M.O. and duty nurse close their 4 ears. I then
e-mail my request and yet to receive a reply.

On Sunday morning (17/4), I make an appointment with Bumrugrade Int'l Hospital (Bangkok) and request for a package price. The Senior Consultant reply persaonally to me on Sunday evening and offer a price which is almost equal to the cost at
sub-sidised ward (KTPH)

Weng Mao Fa said...

Go to Markota Medical Center (Founded by Singaporean):

And go to MOH "Bill Size"

Weng Mao Fa said...

Weng Mao Fa said...

With the cost comparism, we might known sub-sidised patient pay private hospital cost in Bangkok.
Further, subsidised patient may not be treated fairly and taking higher risk as an object in a process of medical trial or medical tranining program.

Singapore's 5 Minute Investment Diary said...

Dear Alien
Could you provide details of how to contact Bumrugrade Int'l Hospital (Bangkok) please.

Thanking you in advance for sharing.

I hope you fully recover.

Singapore's 5 Minute Investment Diary said...

Dear Alien
Just a suggestion.

You may want to total up your cost of "subsidised" medical care and perhaps compare it with "private" medical care in Singapore.

I once did a similar cost calculation and came to the conclusion that;
a) private medical care in Singapore may seem initially expensive versus "subsidised" medical care.

But the cost advantages of "private medical care in Singapore are;
b)fast access to an experienced specialist. Important since delay may result in medical complications and make cure more expensive.

c)accurate diagnosis. Experienced doctors usually make the correct diagnosis on first appointment. This saves time.
Also saves costs on wrong treatments and additional costs as a result of health deteriorating while an inexperienced doctor tries to figure out the correct diagnosis.

d)Private doctors also have no reservation about using the most effective medicines even if initial costs seems higher.

The cost savings is a speedy recovery, fewer days in hospital, reduced chances of complications, return to work earlier to contribute to Singapore's economy etc.

A classic example is chronic iron deficiency in the aged.
Public Hospitals and Polyclinics will give you iron tablets.
The iron tablets are not effective and will cause constipation in the aged.

You will end up doing a whole bunch of blood tests and doctor consultations to confirm that your iron deficiency is not improving. On top of that, you will also now have to put up with constipation.

A private specialist will just administer the iron intravenously once every month for a few months. To build up your body's store of iron. No constipation as a side effect or medical complications as a result of constipation.

My 70 year old mother has not had
to have additional intravenous iron drip for more than a year now.

The intravenous iron drip was definitely cheaper in overall cost and time.

Weng Mao Fa said...

Hi Soodo,I agreed with your points.
For young couple with children, better consult private Specialist or B1 if needed. Always seek for second opinion.

For 85+, take TKL advice - let the nature decides !

Weng Mao Fa said...

Hi Soodo,
Pls go to this link:

then go to top left of web site
click "inquiry" or "appointment"
or "find a doctor"

Temesek Holding had substantial investment in the hospital !

Weng Mao Fa said...

My actual Total Cost:$453.57
Cost Breakdown
Polyclinic: $9.40 (3 hrs waiting)
KTPH Emergency: $85
B2 Ward: $223.55
Emergency Consult: $85
Emergency Pharmacy:$11.10
Specialist Clinic: $28.42 (M.O.)
Pharmacy: $11.10

Had I known, I would visited a private specialist given my simple medical condition.

Weng Mao Fa said...

Procedure - Conlonoscopy

Bumrungrad Senior Consultant: Baht 23000 or $$966 (package price)

KTPH Registrar: S$935++ (patient can not choose a doctor - could be a medical trainee)

Markota Medical Center: RM ? (much cheaper)

Singapore's 5 Minute Investment Diary said...

Dear Alien
I posted some info. for your consideration yesterday, but it got lost.

Firstly, thank you for sharing.

Info., just for purpose sharing ideas.

Private General Practitioners Versus Polyclinics

When there were fee guidelines, private GPs usually charge around $30 per visit. Now it's about $45.

I'm not rich. But I do use a private GP, whom I've observed to be competent about 10 years ago.

Singapore's 5 Minute Investment Diary said...

Polyclinic Vs Private General Practitioners (Con't)

The cost advantages (of Private GPs) I found were as follows:

1. Short waiting time. Between 15-30 minutes.

2. Same doctor has been attending to me. Has my medical history for more than 10 years. Drug allergies, vaccinations, which treatment works best for me etc.

3. So yes, more expensive. But I find that;
a)I get correct diagnosis on first consultation
b)Treatment plan usually effective. No need to go back a second time.

So overall, I find that my private GP is more cost-effective than the polyclinics. And I do use polyclinics from time to time to make sure I'm not unfairly bias against them

Singapore's 5 Minute Investment Diary said...

And I could tell you a horror story involving my mum more than 30 years ago.

Long story short. Polyclinic diagnosed her with Type 2 Diabetes. Insulin injection required.

My dad (not well educated but of a skeptical inquiring mind) had reasons to doubt diagnosis based on the way lab conducted blood test.

Brought my mum for consultation with private specialist.

Private Specialist treated my mum's condition with oral medication. Insulin injections not required.

Vincent Sear said...

I recently had an ear infection caused by residual cotton left in the ear from cotton buds. It was bleeding inside as when I used cotton bud again, it came out red.

I went to TTSH ENT Clinic. Even though showing them the ear is bleeding, they said no appointment no referral, please go A&E first.

Queued about more an hour at TTSH A&E, got a doctor to check the condition, some preliminary and temporary cleaning done and a referral letter back to the ENT clinic. The charge was about S$90.

Got back to ENT with referral letter and queued for another more than an hour. The ENT doctor removed the blood clot and cotton residue. The charge was about S$50 and another S$10 for medication.

Question is, why was I referred to A&E when my condition is obviously an ENT clinic case? Does one need a referral even his ears or nose are bleeding for all to see?

However, at the moment with an ailment seeking treatment, we're all at the mercy of the doctors and their systems. It took more time and money then necessary, but at least the ailment got remedied.

Weng Mao Fa said...

Hi All, thanks for your info. I had colonoscopy on 22 Apri 7.30am @Bumrungrad Hospital. I am presented a detailed report at 11am with prescription. All cost me 27000 Baht.

I also received KTPH quotation at $2300 or double the cost than Thailand. Further, the consultatnt is NOT a subspeciality in endoscopy. He is a general surgery.

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