Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Survey - LKY to contest in the general election 2011

96 people participated in the survey during the past 12 hours. It is a popular survey.
By age group - 12% below 30, 50% between 30 to 50, 38% above 50.

Do you support LKY's decision to participate in the general election?
Yes - 15%  No - 85%
If you live in Tanjong Pagar GRC, will you vote for LKY and the PAP?
Yes - 15%, No - 85%

Which of these  points do you agree?
He should give way to younger leaders - 76 votes
He should not collect his million dollar salary - 69 votes
The cost of living will be heavy - 53 votes
Inequity will continue to wider - 52 votes
More foreigners will come to compete with Singaporeans - 52 votes
Life will be bad for the low income - 49 votes
Singaporeans will find it difficult to get good jobs - 32 votes
Singaporeans will have a bleak future - 31 votes
He has great stature outside Singapore - 29 votes


yujuan said...

LKY is too old, we don't want an old man as a politician. Anyway the age disparity is too wide between a young girl in Tin and an old man in Lee.

Tan Kin Lian said...

79 votes have come in and the percentage in support of LKY's decision has dropped from 17% to 14%.

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