Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Singapore Election Portal

Hi Mr Tan,
 I am currently overseas, and wanted to confirm my name in the register of electors and also which polling district I am assigned to.However, since yesterday the service does not seem to be available. Can you also check on your side and see if any of your readers face the same problem?

I just logged in and got the message, 

Our eServices have been suspended temporarily. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


yujuan said...

The Govt has blocked Temasek Review website. Would TOC be the next target, then would TKL's blog be the third.
Said so sometime ago, scratch the surface, Singapore is actually a Communist Capitalist country, like China. If feel threatened, they block
websites, and nab people under the pretext of the Internal Security Act.

Vincent Sear said...

It's actually too late to reinstate or even change address by now. The cut-off date has been announced to be as of Jan-31-2011.

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