Thursday, February 02, 2012

Exaggerated advertising claim

A consumer watchdog has taken a website to task for its advertising claims. See or


Anonymous said...

They should also take the advertisers of scary ads, like the ones by ntuc on cancers. Is this the way to earn money from the public by scarying them into buying their products? Is the way to make money by giving false info?

yujuan said...

Exaggerated advertising claims are not the greatest sin, the worst are misleading, deceitful ones, like in structured product adverts, with a child hugging a teddy bear to deceive people such investments are that safe, or that Zell V sheep's placenta capsules for preserving one's youth, hiding the possibility of transmitting diseases of the sheep to humans.
As usual, our Advertising Control Authorities are still in denial or inertia, or just sleeping on their job in their comfortable aircon room.
So, the motto is, if the advert claim is too good to be true, it's probably is.

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