Friday, February 03, 2012

Give better treatment to visitors

I went to DBS Bank in Shenton Way for a meeting. I parked my car in Tower 2 car park. The lower levels were reserved for season parking (i.e. marked in red). As a visitor, I had to go up to the higher levels - passing through a few empty reserved lots.

Why does the bank force visitors to park at the higher levels? It should be better to allow the visitors to park at the lower levels, as they are likely to stay for a shorter time. Most of the people on season parking are likely to park the car for the entire day.

The car park ramps are quite narrow, and it is easy for a visitor to scratch the car if they are not extra careful. By forcing them to move upwards, it enhances the risk of a bad scratch

This type of arrangement, i.e. forcing visitors to use the higher level, defy common sense, and is quite common in Singapore. I see this arrangement in HDB multi-story car parks as well. It reflects disrespect for visitors and for their right to decent treatment. Visitors are not getting the parking space for free. I had to pay $7.70 for 1 1/2 hour of parking.


Tan Kin Lian said...

I know of one place where they show respect to visitors. This is the Nanyang Junior Colleage off Lorong Chuan.

They place the visitors car park near the entrance gate of the colleage. It is most convenient for visitors and can be seen easily. There is no need for the vistors, who are not familiar with the school premises, to search for the car park.

I have high respect for the principal of the school.

Tan Choon Hong said...

I agree it is odd to send visitors on a merry-go-round just to park so we can give them some business. As to the narrow ramps, wait till you negotiate those in Techplace 1 on Ang Mo Kio Ave 10… possibly the narrowest and sharpest anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Car park lots is a type of previlege and recognition for staff, so its deliberate to have them available at a shorter distance from the entrance.

The same goes for Singapore Airlines.
Staff season parking lots are located nearer to lift lobbies, entrances or exits.

The primary business is banking.
Not providing car park lots.
And this policy will not change..
as long as the PAP will not give up power!

Do not under estimate the influence of the middle manager who takes on the responsibility as lasion officer with building management or property departments.

These minions will ensure they look after self and the boss's interests.

G C said...

There is one building in Malaysia ie Wisma Genting, @ Jalan Chulan, that reserve the first floor immediate after getting your parking ticket for visitors parking. I believe this was the only building that offer this kind consideration, and I was pretty surprise when I first found out.

I fully support with Mr. Tan suggestion, many visitors come for short visit and many are first timers. Priority and due consideration should be given to them.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Reply to 11:23 PM
If you disagree with the current practice of the "minions" who only want to "carry" their boss, you should state it clearly. Your posting seems to give the impression that your condone the practice - but I suspect that you do not accept it.
I am angry that in carrying the boss, most building planners forget their responsibility to be fair to visitors. I want to instil the right culture to them.

Anonymous said...

I have visited many companies in the US. The visitor lots are usually near the reception as the management view that visitors are important people - some could be customers.

Snowy Beagle said...

If one sees visitor parking as an extension of the business, then it makes commercial sense to facilitate parking space for clients.

On the other hand, if it is too convenient for non-season drivers to park, then it also attracts non-customers to hog the lots, denying genuine customers of the space.

Of course, one can try to manage it by limiting it only to "genuine customers", such as authenticating their parking coupons after their transactions are done, but it will not mean they will be in a hurry to drive out their cars after getting the authentication.

WRT HDB parking, it's a different kettle of fish. The parking is primarily there for residents, not a convenience for customers, ie., visitors.

Many HDB carparks near commercial buildings such as Jurong Point and Tiong Bahru Plaza and Eastpoint initially did not have red lots in lower levels. But as outsiders took up the space to visit the malls, residents found themselves having to drive to upper levels.

A compromise by HDB was the red-white lots which reserve the lots to season parking in evenings and on weekends.

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