Saturday, February 04, 2012

Welcome immigrants to Singapore

Several government leaders, include Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, have said, "We must welcome immigrants". I agree with this statement. Most of our forefathers came as immigrants into Singapore during the past 200 years.

Our leaders should realize that the immigrants should be welcomed on terms similar to the local citizens and also make a commitment towards Singapore. The males should serve national service. Those who do not serve national service, including the older males and the females, should make other contribution of similar value, for example, pay an appropriate tax or levy. The females can be exempted from the levy if they marry a male who has served national service.

They should also make a long term commitment to Singapore, and not use Singapore as a stepping stone to another country. If they become citizen of Singapore, they must give up their previous citizenship. If they are eligible for citizen, they must take it up within a certain period.

If the immigrants are not willing to accept these terms, which are similar to terms applicable to Singaporeans, there is something wrong with our national policy that discriminates against Singaporeans.  Our elected leaders should realize this unfair and unjust treatment of Singaporeans.


yujuan said...

All that we could say the PAP is using the same instant tree planting tactic to solve immediate problems, to plug up the holes quickly.
Are they tinkering with the "scotched earth policy", making money fast irrespective of any ill effects that arise out of such short sighted policies.
All those relentless selling of State lands for property development, all those cash generating sin industries like the casinos, all those selling off of our precious national Assets like the power stations to the foreigners, all those are ominous signs that are unnerving us. Looks like PAP preparing to abandon Singapore, must make money super fast, then abandon ship and retire comfortably wealthy abroad, leaving the daft, helpless true blue citizens behind to pick up the ashes and start from ground zero.
The sale of Christmas Islands now keeps on appearing in our mind, even manifesting itself into our dreams while asleep. It's really scary.
A fallacy to place unreserved and unchecked hopes on foreigners and PRs to bale Singapore out, they, like our Govt, are here only for the Vit M, as a stepping stone to the preferred West. All those real FTs are skipping Singapore, unlike the earler past decades, now our Govt is stooping so low to attract any Tom, Dick or Harry to come ashore.
True blue Singaporeans first, MERCENARY foreigners and PRs second. We dun like the "jia qing, jia yi" diplomacy shown by our Govt, Rip Van Winkle has woken up.
Can't the PM think of a newer strategy to communicate with us, why always resort to pushing out his elderly father as a shield.
Much as we used to respect LKY, we find him as much a hindrance to change, as much as the PM find him too.
So folks, the grandmaster has spoken, dun blink, the foreigner floodgate is already opened, even before LKY has finished this speech. Another 4 years to regret?

michael13 said...

Once the forbidden fruit is taken, the irreparable damages and dire consequences follow.

Singaporeans, do prepare for the worst! This is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

Given our location and resources, there is no problem accepting immigrants. In fact, our Grandfathers or Fathers may also be immigrants. So are other countries e.g. USA. The problem is not accepting or not accepting immigrants but the govt not protecting the PMETS & new graduates from polys and university. You can have one of the best teritary institutions but when the industries is bypassing them to employ lesser known universities overseas graduates with some years of working experience at lower pay to replace of middle age PMETS & new graduates, something is not right! Ministers should work hard on these issues and come out with creditable results instead of talking about accepting immigrants & needing them to improve economy. We are not stupid, we know and we are not against it. We are just asking Ministers to work on issues to ensure locals are properly employed so that we can feed our families. Why all these MOTHERHOOD statements when companies continue to have more foreigners than locals? Sitting up in the ivory towers collecting big fat tax payers money and do nothing but issuing POLITICALLY CORRECT statements does not deserve respect or million dollars salary. Singaporeans are not stupid and if PAP continue not to do actual work and keep talking the same old thing, then bye-bye GE2016. PAP can temporary close Ministers' Salary issue which was fairly recommended by a independent committee, but they cannot ignore the pain and how disconnect the heartlanders are experiencing with them. Like I said before, I don't see any impressive change since GE 2011 and I don't know what Ministers are actually do other than reporting crisis. Don't take for granted that Opposition rally always have big crowd and lose the election in the end, PAP should work towards having big crowds like in the early days of PAP. This could also the side effect of being paid big bucks and don't care or don't dare to walk the ground until close to election.

Rene said...

"If they become citizen of Singapore, they must give up their previous citizenship."

That's already the law:
"Once approval for Singapore Citizenship is given, the applicant must renounce his/her foreign citizenship and register for Singapore Citizenship before officially becoming a Singapore Citizen."

Snowy Beagle said...

Two issues.

First, requiring female new citizens to serve NS, exempting them if they marry a male Singaporean who did serve NS.

Okay, how does requiring new female citizens to serve NS equate to welcoming them "on terms similar to the local citizens" when local females do not serve NS?

If NS is a duty for new citizens to prove their commitment towards Singapore, how can it be exempted for a female just because she marries a male Singaporean who did?

That implies she is serving an equivalent of national service through performing her marital duties to a Singaporean NS Man.

Conversely, if a male new citizen marries a female Singaporean serving or who has served in the SAF, does he also get exemption?

I'm in favour of new citizens participating in Total Defence.

During a crisis, such as war, new citizens will not be, and should not be, hapless civilians just waiting to be rescued by brave sacrifices of local Singaporean NS Men.

New citizens, who were theoretically had their applications approved because they have value to offer Singapore, can be expected to be educated and possess skills and intelligence - which can surely be put to good use in times of crisis - we just have to find an appropriate role for them.

But it does not really make sense to get a new citizen, e.g., a savvy and experienced entrepreneur, to spend 2 years training as an aged soldier, instead of making use of the abilities which Singapore actually wanted him for in the first place.

Then there is also the security concerns over a new citizen being put in the military. Similar concerns are why the US only allows born citizens to run for presidency.

Anonymous said...

If paying higher taxes or levy can avoid NS, are you promoting elitism? Does it mean people can buy their way in?

Tan Kin Lian said...

@4:20 pm
Be reasonable in asking your questions. Right now, the foreigners can work in Singapore WITHOUT doing NS and without paying higher taxes and levies. They are even given PR and citizenship with these privileges.

I am only asking them to do NS or to pay a levy in lieu of NS - e.g. if they are too old or female.

Do read carefully before making your out-of-context statements.

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