Friday, February 03, 2012

Japan electronic giants post a loss

I read that Sony and Panasonic have posted a large loss for the past financial year. The tsunami is probably a major factor. Another factor is the global recession and the high rate of the Yen. It is sad that they have to suffer a loss for factors beyond their control.


yujuan said...

Must make a check on Japan Airlines, who made a spectacular recovery from bankruptcy to a star performer, making an amazing turnaround profit of US 2.2 billions within a year.
Making a steep haircuts could make a salted fish alive again, then there is hope for the Euro countries.

Xianlong said...

NEC suffered $1B loss in the latest fiscal year. Cutting 10,000 jobs too.

Generally most of the job losses are in the big corporations. Is mostly the SMEs that are creating jobs.

Many people who seek security in jobs in big corporations are still kinda like a kid seeking a parent with milk.

Anonymous said...

One cannot depend on past glory e.g. Sony Walkman to continue to be profitable. New products, innovative marketing e.g. Apple is what they should learn from him. Look at Creative, no different from Panasonic. If they don't streamline their operations and release new products, new ideas, they will be history.

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