Saturday, November 24, 2012

Guarantee to IMF - Appeal by Kenneth Jeyaretnam

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yujuan said...

The Govt must understand we are not objecting for the sake of opposing the Authorities. This is not our aim.
We are fighting to preserve Singapore's future, for our kids' and grandkids' future.
Like what KJ said, imagine a scenario where a future rogue Govt, monkey see monkey do, on the pretext of using the ambiguous interpretations of the Constitution, anyhow draw money from the National Kitty and siphon funds abroad, it will be catastrophic for our country, a tiny Nation not God blessed by natural resources, whose Survival, Pride and Sovereign Dignity depends so much on our Reserves, stained with blood and sweat of Singaporeans. We dun kid ourselves, people only worship money even in the International Arena, if Singapore is as poor as a churchmouse, nobody will even cast an eye on us. So our Reserves are as precious as our own life.
Now we know the limitations of the Office of the Presidency as a Guardian of our Reserves, this IMF loan contribution is ringing alarm bells for citizens.
We are grateful to KJ, who is willing to stand up on behalf of fellow citizens to publicly voice out our fears.
Though not directly related to our Reserves, we are still haunted by ex Chief Minister Lim Yew Hock selling Christmas Islands to Australia without Parliamentary control. Whether Christmas isles are just some Godsaken, rocky, useless Isles, still it was our Sovereign Territory before. All Lim Yew Hock did was to flee Singapore and live in obscurity in Malaysia, enjoying his illgotten gains. And we dun wan history to repeat itself.

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