Friday, November 23, 2012

Letter sent on Government Service

I receive letter sent "On Government Service" without any postage. Does this mean that Singapore Post, which is now a privatised body, is delivering the letters free, or does it charge the Government for the mail delivered at a bulk special rate?


Spur said...

Should be bulk tender. Nowadays only ministries use them. 20 years ago, stat boards could still indent them from govt supply, but no longer. These are restricted items obviously, but many staff (at least in the old days) sometimes use these "on govt service" envelopes for personal purposes. E.g. One of my former colleagues use them to send greeting cards.

I doubt if SingPost can afford to offer national service. Their revenue from postal services have been going down the drain since 2000.

Unknown said...

It used to be sending to the various government ministry was free when I labeled them as "On Government Service", and postal service was given free land to build postal boxes and offices. But I got a big surprise when renewal of my kid passport bounced back and was asked to pay a lot more or asked for the letter to be destroyed, and was told them may be only IRAS could still use "On Government Service" free postal. Wow..the country has changed a lot, it is definitely becoming less and less of a nation. They are "counting on you", Singapore is "counting on you". Cents by cents, and each time when the big shots justify their big salaries, I could not help but be furious when they could not wait to transfer these services into their own wealth.

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