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Improve information on bus services

14 November 2012

Editor, Forum Page
Straits Times

Mr. Noel Low said that the tinted windows in buses make it difficult for
commuters to ascertain their locations on overcast days and at night
(Problems posed by tinted bus windows, ST 14 Nov).

I agree with his suggestions that the bus should contain a digital 
display to show the location of the next stop. I saw this system in the
buses in London.

My friend told me that the buses in Hong Kong and Shenzhen have the
display in English and Chinese and also the sequential stop number. They
also provided free Wi-fi service!

With the GPS system already installed in the buses for the fare system, it
should be easy to incorporate the software to provide this digital display at a
minimal cost. 

Another useful service is to provide the bus arrival time at each bus stop. This
can access the data on the locations of the all buses, that are now captured 
for the fare collection. 

I hope that the Land Transport Authority can install a tablet at each bus
stop to display the bus arrival times.

We need to improve our the use of our bus services to complement the
trains that are now over-crowded. This will encourage more people to take 
buses, and relieve the congestion on our trains and roads.

Tan Kin Lian


Lye Khuen Way said...

Good suggestions.

Only problem is that those in charge seem not willing to upgrade the Public Transport System to reduce motor cars usage / population.

Must be the forgone revenue. Think COE, Road Tax, PARF, ERP, Diesel Tax.....

Susan Teo said...

Everybody likes to see improvement in the public transport system, but who is going to bear the cost? Will be commuters be willing to?

Jack Witson said...

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