Sunday, November 18, 2012

Desire for a happy life

Here are excerpts of the speech from the new leader of China. Pay special attention to the following statement, 

"Our people have an ardent love for life. They wish to have better education, more stable jobs, more income, greater social security, better medical and health care, improved housing conditions, and a better environment.
They want their children to have sound growth, have good jobs and lead a more enjoyable life. To meet their desire for a happy life is our mission."

Our Singapore leaders can pay attention to this goal as well - not just in hollow words, but in true belief.


Lye Khuen Way said...

Am pleasantly surprised by the Chinese Leadership's moves.

So what was it that I heard the new leaders in the PRC wanted to learn from Singapore?

Maybe, our ST reported it too prematurely.
They, probably, wanted to show the "negative demonstration" as what some of us learnt during or NS days.

Anyway, it is time for Our own Ruling Party to study what others have, can and will do.

For the People's benefits.

Majulah Singapura!

Kooli said...

If PRC & ROC are united in a particular way such as military co-op, Chinese (exclusive overseas Chinese) are likely happy.

Japan, Vietnam, Philipine & Malaysia will not happy!

Kooli said...

'Desire for happy life'?

Listen a song by The First Lady (2013) Peng Li Yuan

Kooli said...

A love song by The First Lady (2013):

Kooli said...

"..not just in hollow words, but in true belief."

The First Lady (2013)is an AIDS Embassador:

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