Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stem cell therapy

This video explains how stem cell therapy is used to reverse the aging process and improve your health. It is a marketing video by a company that sells a product called Purtier. I find the video to be quite educational, but it is rather long (more than 1 hour).

This product, which is sold through multi-level marketing, is probably quite expensive. If you have personal experience on the use of this product (either positive or negative), share your views here


yujuan said...

What a fantastic presentation by Claudia, this woman's ability to make stem cell therapy in simple everyday language for ordinary people
to grasp, is really admirable.
Yet, the aim behind is to sell her Company's product, Purtier, is unmistakable.
Dr. Andy Ho's commentary in his ST column on Placenta products comes into the mind. He had warned that the Placenta could carry genetic diseases and hormones from the animal, and human ingesting its Placenta would have dangerous effects to health. Maybe hormones could be mostly filtered out through technology, but removing genetic materials may be a big question mark.
Talking about using stem cells to cure diseases, those who have bone diseases, esp the hip area, could talk to Dr. Kevin Lee who is a specialist in extracting, cultivating and injecting the patient's own stem cells into the hip area to grow back bone. Met a patient who came from Canada to consult Dr. Lee for such treatment. What is admirable about this Dr is he has medical integrity, seldom seen one in private practice in Singapore. He is not the surgery trigger happy kind of Dr, would use other treatments first, then suggest Stem cell therapy as a last resort.
As for Purtier, would err on the side of caution and lay off.

sam said...

Hi yujuan, Please kindly post here Dr. Kevin Lee contact for sharing. Thanks

yujuan said...

Dr. Kevin Lee,
Orthopaedic Surgeon,
Centre for Joint and Cartilage Surgery.
Also a Visiting Consultant at National University Hospital.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Any stem cell therapy reverse end stage renal failure?

creative peptides said...

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Jayden Ng said...

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