Friday, November 23, 2012

Government policy and private sector

The Government tendered the land for Executive Condo development to the private sector, because they do not want to deal with the demands of the citizens. They prefer to let the private sector deal with the conflicting demands. This does not seem to work, because the problem does come back to the Government in another form. Read this:

I prefer the Government to deal with the policy issues directly, rather than pass these issues to the private sector. This approach seems to produce quite conflicting results.

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Spur said...

This is called market forces and caveat emptor principle.

Privatisation of national and critical services have been going on since 1990, after PAP started following the British who started it on a big scale in the mid-1980s. LKY was a great admirer of Margaret Thatcher whose conservative UK govt started it. But even Thatcher will be shocked at how extreme the PAP has done things here. Besides public housing, other services such as healthcare, utilities (electricity, water, gas), banking (remember the good old POSB?) have also become more commercial and privatised philosophy.

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