Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Inconsiderate customer survey

I received many requests to participate in customer survey that were created by inconsiderate people. They ask 100 or more questions, but do not tell you in advance. You have to go through several webpages before you find out.

Recently, Paypal invited me to do their customer service survey. I replied to the e-mail asking someone to reply to me, to confirm that there is a person who monitors the replies. They did. I followed up with this e-mail:

QUOTE: Can you tell me how many questions are in the questionnaire?I have been invited to answer questions that show me, one page at a time, and goes on for more than 100 questions.
I did not know after going through 5 pages, that there are many more pages to go. UNQUOTE
Instead of replying to my question, Paypal got someone to call me by telephone. He started with this message, "Before we continue, I like to tell you that this call is recorded for training purpose, etc ... "

I replied, "This is rubbish" and put down the telephone. I hope that this message goes to the survey companies. They have to understand that they are wasting customer's time with their methods and damaging the goodwill of their clients.


Kin Lian Tan said...

I received a lengthy reply from the survey company with this message,

"I understand from your email that you are inquiring in regards to our marketing survey.

Kindly be informed that our marketing survey is quite long and it normally takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete."

My reply to them is , "how many questions?"

These inconsiderate survey companies will destroy the goodwill of their client.

Kin Lian Tan said...

They survey companies are probably paid based on the number of questions they ask and the number of responses. They should realize that the responses are unreliable, when the participant is asked to answer 100 questions or more. Fatigue comes in. This is common sense, but the survey companies do not have it.

yujuan said...

Wouldn't even pay scant notice for such survey requests.
Ya, just bang down the phone or ignore them completely. But there is a type of request that is more of a pest, those from Govt Agencies, who in the world has all the time to entertain them, esp with the warning
"It's compulsory to submit survey form duly completed." Or something like that.
By Law or what?
Such official threats leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Kin Lian Tan said...

Most invitees ignore the request to carry out a survey.
I will try to oblige, out of respect to the client, i.e. Thai Airways or Paypal.
However, I get annoyed when there are too many questions, which indicate that the survey company is quite inconsiderate.
Rather than just ignore the situation, I wanted to give my feedback, so that the survey company is aware about what the public thinks of their approach.
I hope that the feedback will make them review their approach and come with a new and more sensible approach.

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