Thursday, November 22, 2012

Threat of legal action

Is it really necessary for a Government Minister to get a lawyer to write to the websites over a mistake of fact, when an assistant could have pointed out the correct facts to the webmasters?

This type of heavy handed approach, while instilling fear, will cause the Government to lose the respect of the citizens.


yujuan said...

Ya lor, being trigger happy with law suit threats a la LKY's era, is so passe.
Rebut through own mouthpiece or social media to right a wrong, and ask for apology, if the writer is still recalcitrant, then send lawyer's letter.
No need to jump the gun, like a jack in the box that immediately springs out when opened. This behaviour indicates to citizens our Ministers are forever nervously living on the edge of the cliff, could lead to nervous breakdown and diseases.
Take a leaf from Png Eng Huat, who was attacked by MSM unfairly regarding his character, he was so gracious to dismiss them as part of the political game, you dun see him sending lawyer's letter to demand for an apology.
PAP Ministers should wisely spend their time to better govern Singapore, why spend energy on frivolous, sesame seed and green bean, insignificant things.

michael13 said...

"He who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones."

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