Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SIA website

I booked for a ticket to go to KL on 4 Dec. The website keeps changing my departure date to 5 Dec. Fortunately, I spotted this mistake and did not proceed with the booking. I tried again and got the same mistake.

I suspect that this could be a browser issue and changed from Chrome to Internet Explorer. This time, it got the correct date. When I proceeded, it showed "Processing request" and continued there for a long time. The website probably hang.

I know that SIA website had been giving trouble a few months ago. I am surprised that they have still not resolved this issue after a long time. I sent my feedback to the had of the call center in Singapore Airlines.


Unknown said...

SIA online booking is crap now. The CEO only came out to appologise thru email and never gave any update after that. I've sent at least 2 feedback to them.

One was the date on my return flight was different on the acknowledgement and website due to time zone difference.

In and another situation, I thought my purchase had gone thru but I wasn't issued any ticket (probably issue with their server timing out with the payment gateway). I was fortunate that I could purchase a ticket on the spot. Else all my business meetings will have to be rescheduled. Causing even more expensive and painful inconvenience.

Our national pride is dying with old Harry.

yujuan said...

Already ditch SIA for good and switch to other Airlines. Its website is a National shame.
Very high time to boot out the CEO, this fellow really a shame to our National Pride.

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