Saturday, December 01, 2012

To punish or not to punish?

For those who insist on harsh punishment to the 4 SMRT drivers, let me share this story with you.

Forty years ago, I was driving at 90 kpm on a motorway in the UK. A police car stopped me. The policeman said, “Sir, do you know that you are exceeding the speed limit?”

I replied, “Sorry, I thought that there was no speed limit on the motorway.”

He said, “Sir, you are wrong. There is a speed limit of 65 kpm. As you are a visitor to our country, do be aware of our law when you drive along our roads”. He did not book me.

For the rest of my life, I know what is a civilized, considerate and fair society.

If he had fined me, I would have paid the fine, and would not feel that this have the same respect for that society. If I had been sent to jail, I would probably hated that society and their people, for mistreating other people.

So, to those narrow minded and bigoted fellow citizens (which I hope is the minority), reflect on this carefully. Yes, you want to enforce your law harshly, including laws that are unjust. When you are go to another country and are sent to jail for a law that you are not aware of, you should not expect to be treated with compassion.

You will face another risk. For people who were badly treated in Singapore, they and their friends will hate us. When you meet them in other countries, be careful and be ready to face their hatred and retaliation.

Better stay in your own country, where you can be safe


zhummmeng said...

I read that China executed 3 Filipino men despite appeal from the country.China's reply was that the law of China must be respected. In similar vein the law of Singapore must be respected too.
Also lately China has been quite arrogant , behaving worse than US.Not just the big brother but gangster like. This might have come from the inferiority complex China is suffering, the baggage of communist past.
If Singapore lets them off it is sending the wrong message. Look at the behavior of netizens of Baidu. Are they not displaying the same bully attitude?

yujuan said...

Had arrested and hanged many foreign murderers, drug mules, caned and jailed some wreckers of public property, had infuriated many Foreign Govts and their own peoples on our barbaric laws. Then, we stay as hermits lah, as our lives would be in perpetual danger abroad.
So, all foreigners could plead, "We dun know your country has such harsh laws, please dun jail us due to our ignorance." Even if these foreigners have trampled on Govt's sacred cow, no one, not even a lone ranger, can instigate or protest on the street without getting arrested. Think Chee Soon Juan's case. Setting aside TKL's harsh branding of bigotry on small- mindeded citizens, agree have to handle the 4 instigators gingerly, as fault lies entirely with SMRT, and not on the Law ignorance excuse.
Have to give some Face to Big Brother China, just as we had given face to Uncle Sam on Michael Fey's case, lest this traditionally small-minded Giant would get jealous and vengeful.
Bus commuters could do a part, encourage the China drivers, just say, "Little Elder Bother, jia you ah." Triumphs rocket science and Maths formula in human relations.

Kin Lian Tan said...

Please explain the issue regarding the 3 Filipinos. Are they of the same nature as the 4 SMRT drivers?

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