Thursday, November 29, 2012

Population woes

I am surprised that PM Lee was not aware of the seriousness of the population woes. It has been getting from bad to worse over 25 years. The measures adopted during the previous Prime Minister and during his time did not work, but they refused to see the flaws in their policies.


Kooli said...

At Woodlands, the infant care/child care center sponsored by PAP Foundation is full. Waiting time is 1 year or more. Guss who are the children/students?

Kooli said...

My grandson, 1yr+, stay few floor above the PAP infant/Child center.
He could not enrol as a result of population policy.

His father is NSmen. I was NSmen. What is the point to serve NS when our grandson do not has priority to enrol an infant care center. Other foreigner babies had filled all vacancies.

cd-rom said...

I feel that the government had always been quietly confident that mass immigration can be the solution until the last general elections.

I agree when PM that this is a wicked problem that requires large trade-offs and is not easily solved.

These are only my views.

Kooli said...

Early-2012, I return back SG. At Changi Airport, I took a SMRT Bus. After Terminal 2, the bus was fully seated. I seated at a 'needy seat'. I fall asleep until Yishun New Town when someone behind me wake me up. He, about my age, asked me to give up seat to an India national. I do not hesitate to give her a seat.

Later, I thought why I must give-up seat to foreigner when I had paid the same ticket fare. I am alredy Ah Gong.

Kooli said...

Today 3pm around, I took a SMRT from Outram Station to Jurong Station. I fall asleep. My seat is 3 person away the reserved seat for needy. While I was dreaming, I overhead "excuse me, sir". I open eye and see an old India national.
His family member wish to overtake my seat! I don't care and continue my sweet dream. I am already Ah Gong, why help you foreiner?

yujuan said...

Who says PM is not aware, he thinks can solve problem by just importing, but we only attract the gold diggers, stepping stones' temporary FTs who only need to acquire skills, and the unskilled or skill pretenders. After few years, off they chabo, and we have to train batches of newcomers all over again.
Back to square one, the instant tree approach again fails. Cents wise, dollars foolish.
No newcomers stay to replenish our population.

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