Sunday, November 25, 2012

Negative aspect of Singapore system

This person wrote about the negative aspect of the Singapore system - where people in "the authority" neglect their duty and push responsibility from one agency to another. The root cause of the problem is not solved.

I agree with his views and have experienced this bad environment. The Government needs to "wake up", recognize this problem and find a solution. It is their duty. If they cannot carry out their duty, they should step down from the government.


Soodo said...

In a democracy, it is the citizens who have to wake up.
In a democracy, you get the government you deserve.

yujuan said...

Very amazing. We've got a Govt that is progressively taking the easy and less messy way to govern, but still insist on paying themselves the highest remuneration in world political office.
More amazing, they've refined the strategy to an art of deftly getting others to take the rap for any mistake they've committed, and some more get away from it without even a scratch.
Dun know how to govern, dun wan to govern, for God's sake, move over and let others take over the real business of Governance, without the pretense and hypocrisy.
Too long in power, the PAP has lost the passion and conviction to govern, they're getting more and more lost, getting more and more weary, all showing up on their faces. They dun have the competence of the oldguards in forward planning expertise, only living one day at a time, only have a time framework of one political term of 4 or 5 years at a
time, beyond that they are either blur or dun care at all.
That's the signal this Govt is giving us.

Unknown said...

I felt that Government was taking easy way out during Lehman Brothers crisis whereas the Government all over the world trying their best to help their citizens.

Some said one can not compare apple with orange. But when comparing treatment by the investors of DBS's products in Hong Kong and Singapore, one could say that they are comparing apple with apple and orange with orange.

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