Sunday, November 25, 2012

PM Lee and Singapore

PM Lee said that it is not easy to get another group to make Singapore work.


yujuan said...

Ask why so many good, capable people dun wan to join his Govt, simply they are too good, only the less good ones would allow themselves to form into the PM's group.
First ditch the ISA and open up politically, PM would be amazed how a new group of good, competent citizens would form up overnight to take over Governance.
Presently, all these good people shun politics, dun wan to be yes men in PM's group, neither wan to be hounded and sledgehammered in the Opposition camp.
Given a shot of stem cell therapy, Singapore would rejuvenate itself overnight. Now our country is just hanging there in limbo, in Christian lingo, we are in Purgatory, neither in heaven or in hell, as if waiting for Judgement Day.

C H Yak said...

“If Singapore had a blue constituency and a red constituency, I think Singapore will be in trouble.”

“We have tried to make sure that all our constituencies are about the same colour… because we want all the constituencies to share the same interests. Then we can think together and when you represent Singapore, you represent the whole of Singapore.”

Then there should not be "double standards" when it comes to PAP vs Opposition wards. Why is PAP leaving out / or putting Opposition wards at the end of the estate / HDB upgrading queue?

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