Saturday, December 01, 2012

Do not show the ugly side of Singaporeans

Many Singaporeans have expressed their anger and hatred of foreigners working in Singapore. This hatred is especially directed to the foreign workers from China. The recent "strike" by the SMRT drivers has given them the opportunity to vent their anger again.

I like to ask these Singaporeans to consider the following points:

a) The words that they use, and the manner of their expression, reflect badly on their personal character and show them to be narrow minded, uncivilized and acting like hooligans.

b) Their manners and hate mongering reflect badly on Singaporeans in general

c)  If we hate other people, we should be aware that other people can also hate us. Just watch the internet websites of other countries to see their opinion of Singapore and our people.

d) The number of people who hate us can outnumber us by hundred of times.  Do we want to travel to other countries and meet people who have reasons to hate us, due to the way we treat their fellow men?

My request to fellow Singaporeans is to reflect on these points and be civilized in the manner that they express their views. Be considerate and respectful to other people. Build goodwill. Find reasons to like other people, rather than to hate them. Be helpful to other people, especially those who need our help.

I also ask other Singaporeans who agree with me, to come in and help to tell these rude people off. Do not stand by idly and be silent and allow them to show a bad image of Singaporeans to the world.

Personally, I do not like the big influx of foreign workers into our country, but the fault is with the policy of our Government. We should not vent our anger on the foreign workers; many of them have made sacrifice to come to Singapore; were misled about the wages and living conditions in Singapore and are now suffering as much as the local Singaporeans that they have displaced.

Tan Kin Lian


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sir,

Yes, Mr Tan very wise words indeed. I am in complete agreement with you. What goes around can only come around. You are not alone Mr Tan in yr views - as I happen to have many friends who are currently turning the wheel in China - they too have expressed their concerns regarding this unfortunate turn of events.

Perhaps you can use your influence to reason with the webmaster of Singaporedaily to ask them why they seem to be promoting incendiary essays such as this:

I wonder do they want our Mainland Chinese colleagues to treat us all as third class citizens in the way a transport company seems to be treating their foreign bus drivers - or maybe they just want to make it unbearable for all of us to turn the wheel of life outside Singapore so that we all have to return home and drive taxis.

Good day to you Sir.

Meanwhile I remain yours very truly

Darkness 2012

Kin Lian Tan said...

can you send the message to the webmaster of singaporedaily on my behalf? I do not have his contact

yujuan said...

Rotten apples exist in all societies, but people here are mostly civilized, friendly and accommodating.
The minority who vent their anger at immigrants, are actually those displaced by newcomers who are younger and cheaper to employ, problem compounded with change in Govt policy that foreign employees need not have CPF payment obligations, and PRs allowed to buy public flats, rights that are sacred to citizens.
Have eyes to see foreigners are necessary in many industries to oil the wheels of our rapid economic growth, but when you have to fight for sacred rights to housing, schooling, social services,transportation, and jobs, even Buddha will flare up.
Yes, blame this Govt, they create the problem, by using the Mathematical equation 1+1=2, but now turn out to be 1+1=3, or 4 or 5, Govt thinking people are Maths digits to be manipulated, just simply backfired.
Even a GLC like SMRT mistreats and discriminates against their foreign staff. China netizens are heaping abuses against our Govt too, with unsavoury remarks like "pro American dogs while making a living out of China."
The Singapore Govt's image abroad also need to be addressed, but clean up its own backyard first, practice what it preaches.
Here, emotional outbursts actually are directed against the Govt, not really anti foreigner. See the difference.

yujuan said...

Would make a difference with ordinary citizens like TKL coming out to dose some fires, bringing people back on reality ground.
With a Govt's GLC being also an accomplice to foreigner mistreatment, citizens won't listen if words come out of Govt officials or its mouthpiece, it has lost another moral fibre to preach.

Lye Khuen Way said...

I agree that we should not go overboard with cry for stiff punishment for the 171 or just those charged so far.

The faults lie with the SMRT and the Govt for creating an influx all in the name of Growth and or correcting the low TFR.

Those who still insist on a pound of flesh should direct their righteousness at the fairly many Court cases concerning Singaporeans who seems to have been let off with dubious sentences.

As it is, even the Law Minister seems convinced that justice had been served and seen to be served.

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