Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Government is made up of idiots


Unknown said...

It is not constructive to say that. Maybe the present Government might want to find out why people are saying that.

But people need to recognise that the future progress of SIngapore will be incremental instead of giant step which was made possible by LKY's team

C H Yak said...

"The Govt is made up of idiots"...Ya, that is an "opinion" and you would not be sued ... But do be careful if you say "The Govt is made up of a bunch of corrupted idiots"...The latter is also "opinion"...LOL.

yujuan said...

Bless Shanmugan for coming up with such an endearing statement, and from a strait talking Minister some more.
But would like him to know of our perceptions of his Govt - 3/4s are really made up of idiots, but the 1/4 left only pretend to be idiots.
Begin to like this Minister, he could be so lovable behind the serious, stern face.

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