Friday, January 18, 2013

Discriminatory questions in application forms

I am shocked at the type of questions asked in the application form for public service jobs, relating to the past offences committed by the applicant. Questions were asked about past and pending convictions. 

The government is setting a bad example in penalizing a person for life, if he or she had been previously convicted, and had served a sentence. How can an ex-convict rehabilitate? Does thegovernment expect everybody to be angels? Can a person who made a mistake before, be allowed to turn over a new leaf?

I am aware that there are certain high or sensitive level position that need people of good character and that ex-convicts should be barred. But, this requirement should not be imposed for the front line jobs, where the risk is virtually non-existent.

I urge the government to set a good example, and remove these discriminatory questions from their standard application form for most entry level jobs. They can reserve these questions for promotions to sensitive positions.

If you apply for any government job they ask you that, as well as whether you have ever suffered from any mental illness, or have any disabilities:
*1. Have you suffered, or are suffering from any medical condition, illness, disease, mental illness, substance dependence1 or physical impairment?
Yes No 

*2. a) Do you have a criminal record in Singapore?2
Yes No 
b) Have you been convicted in a court of law in any other country (excluding parking offences or criminal records disclosed above)?
Yes No 

*3. Have you been charged with any offence in a court of law in Singapore or in any other country for which the outcome is pending (excluding parking offences)?
Yes No 

*4. Are you aware of being under any current police investigations in Singapore or in any other country following allegations made against you?
Yes No 

*5. Have you been or are you under any financial embarrassment i.e. (a) an undischarged bankrupt, (b) a judgement debtor, (c) have unsecured debts and liabilities of more than 3 months of last-drawn pay, (d) have signed a promissory note or an acknowledgement of indebtedness?
Yes No 

*6. Do you have intention to apply for foreign citizenship/foreign permanent residence within the next one year?
Yes No 

*7. If you are currently working in the Singapore Public Service, which Ministry/Statutory Board are you working in?

*8. If you have been in the employment of the Singapore Public Service before, which Ministry/Statutory Board were you last with before you left the Public Service?

*9. Please indicate the reason for leaving the Singapore Public Service.

Other grounds:

*10. Have you broken any bond, left an employer without serving your period of moral obligatory service or are currently serving any bond or moral obligatory service (e.g. bonds associated with scholarships or obligatory service related to training awards or no-pay leave, etc)?
Yes No 

*11. If your answer was "Yes" to any of the questions above, please give details :

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yujuan said...

See it in another way.
Easier to change a country, harder to change a person's character.
To err on the side of caution, it's obligatory for an applicant to be honest.
However, Govt Institutions must be seen as a leader willing to rehabilitate past offenders in assessing such honest job applicants, many are really earnest to start a new life on a clean slate. Must not be seen as just paying lip service by being as prejudicial as in the private sectors.
Very impressed with "Helping Hand",
a furniture store who is leading the way to rehabilitate such people, even the delivery men are inculcated not to accept tips from customers. And we applaud the Govt here for lending a helping hand to this rehabilitation centre by accepting a token rental sum in the premises.
And we seldom give bouquets to this money faced Govt, this is an exception.

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