Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A different path for career development

I started work at 18 as a clerk in an insurance company. My schoolmates went to A level and university and started work 6 years later. By that time, I had 6 years of working experience and was 70% qualified as an actuary.

I did not need a university degree. I know how an insurance company operates inside out, and was able to pass the actuarial professional examination easily, with the practical insights.

When I decided to leave school after secondary 4 to support my parents, the principal was surprised. I was among the top 5 students in Singapore in the School Certificate Examination (which was later changed to the GCE O Level).

It is possible to pursue a non-degree path. It worked well for me. It would be a better choice for other people who are not academically inclined.

But I am aware about the lack of career path for non-graduates in the paper oriented environment in Singapore. This is a mistake and is bad for our future.

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yujuan said...

Govt feeling nervous looking at U graduate numbers from tertiary Institutions in coming years.
Where to get them jobs as more MNCs vacating Singapore due to high costs and reduced manpower.
Unemployed graduates could cause unrest, so Govt downgrading the ultimate dream of attaining a U education by our young.
Times have changed, our youths could see through the soft propaganda, are the children of Ministers also forgoing a U education also?
PAP leaders are known to be preachers, but they themselves dun walk the talk.
However, agree if more youths aim for tertiary, who's going to be technicians, plumbers, electricians, waitors, etc. Already we have professional engineers ditching profession to be estate agents and bankers, where the big money is. And Singapore have to keep importing technical staff, like tile layers, roofing layers, electricians, and time would dictate whether these FWs would hold Singapore to ransom, else see our industries grinding to a halt due to lack of local to such local talents.
Like deteriorating into riots to fight for their rights.

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