Friday, December 13, 2013

My experience in self learning

I left school and started work after secondary 4. But I continued to learn by reading useful books.

I remembered three paperback books that I read soon after leaving school, and the understanding of the subjects was useful to me for a lifetime. I choose these books because the subjects would be important for the working world.

The books are on the following:
- principles of civil and criminal law
- practical statistics
- accountancy

As these are books written for the lay people, it was quite easy to understand the principles and was quite light to read. I learned these subjects well, and did not require the help of a teacher or to attend a formal course in the university.

My method of self learning was more useful that students who have to struggle with these subjects in the university, and who never really grasped the principles.

I wish to encourage young people to have the right approach towards learning - to learn for the sake of understanding, and not just to get a good grade.

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