Sunday, December 08, 2013

PAP sets new direction

I am encouraged by the new goal that has been adopted by the PAP, especially the part about build a "fair and just society" .... provided they really understand what they are talking about. 


The People's Action Party (PAP) on Sunday resolved to uphold an open and compassionate meritocracy, and build a fair and just society in Singapore, as it adopted a significant resolution that will define its cause in a new phase of Singapore's development.

Explaining the reason for this move, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the PAP's secretary-general, said that while the fundamental goals of the PAP remain the same, and have been set out in its constitution and pledge, it is time to interpret and update them for a new generation.

These goals are to build a multi-racial, fair and just society with opportunities for all.

"I think we can all agree these are the right things to do... But what do these ideals mean tangibly, concretely, in this day and age? We must interpret these goals in a new phase and with a new generation," he said at the party's convention at Kallang Theatre.

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Koh said...

A fair & just society has been enshrined in our Pledge. But it appears it has been ignored completely in practice! 2 issues (there are more if you delve deeper)prove my point:-
1)The Behind-The-Queue for upgrading in the Opposition-run constituencies;
2)The Opposition Party MP cannot use the Consituency's grassroot facilities as he is not the Adviser (losing candidate) appointed by the Ruling Party.

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