Friday, December 13, 2013

Adopt the right approach towards learning

I have an attitude towards education which is quite different from most other people. 

When I learn a subject, I want to understand it, and to know how it can be used in real life. 

Whether I pass or not is less important. It is more important to understand the subject. It happens that when I understand the basic principles of the subject, passing was quite easy. 

I go for a pass and did not bother to get a good grade. 

For most people, passing the subject and getting a good grade is more important, regardless of whether they understand the subject or not. Some of them get a good grade without understanding the subject well, and they quickly forget the principles. The Chinese has a saying, "return the books back to the teacher".

I like to see more people adopt the correct approach towards education, i.e. to understand the principles and be less focus on getting the grades.

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