Sunday, December 08, 2013

Help small businesses to promote to the neighborhood

Many small businesses have to send flyers to the neighborhood. It is an economical way to promote their business.
However, the flyer is a nuisance. It is also largely wasted and environmentally unfriendly.
An alternative is for households to register in a website and for the businesses to send the flyers to them in soft copy by email.
If you support this Green Drive, you can register here,
If there are many people who registered in this manner, there is no need for snall businesses to send flyers to their neighborhood.


yujuan said...

Open the letterbox, seven fifths are junk mail, nearly all property sale brochures. Looks like nearly all Singaporeans hold big dreams to strike rich as a property agent.
No other jobs to do, or can't make a decent living in other occupations, or other jobs not worth sweating for.
What a sad state of affairs Singapore has become.

Mark Douglas said...

I believe Singapore may start the email and letter box policy same like the SMS and cold call.
The traditional flyer business are dying in Singapore. Everything will go online, so the freelance website is so popular in Singapore

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