Monday, December 09, 2013

Action needed on suspected abuse in recruitment of foreign workers

I do not condone rioting and violence, and agree that they have to be dealt with, according to the law.

But, our government should also take time to reflect on this incident, and also the previous strike by the PRC bus drivers. We have to understand their grievances - and see if there has been abuse and exploitation by the recruitment agencies.

We have to find a way to deal with the abuses. I suggest that all foreign workers should be interviewed by an NGO worker, and their statement should be taken down, in case there is any complaint about being misled on the salary and working conditions.

We should follow up with the recruiting agent in Singapore, who should be responsible for what is being said by the recruiting agent in the other side.

There is the possibility that the foreign worker may not tell the truth, but if several workers make the same statement, then there must be some truth to it.

It is wrong for our "authority" to close two eyes and two years and let the abuse continue for a long time. We must be proactive, and must use practical sense to deal with the problem.

It is time for our "authority" to wake up and do their duty.


Lye Khuen Way said...

The "Authority" you mentioned had this coming, if I may be so unkind to welcome this once in fourth years riot!
From all accounts, so far in social media , no one had blame these rioters. In fact, like you, Sir, we sensed that they must have been so stressed that the were literally up in arms against any symbols of Authority. Note that the private bus in this incident was NOT burnt. Unlike the Ambulance and several SPF vehicles . Clearly, the "Authority" was targeted and we have yet to hear of looting, unlike most riots elsewhere.

yujuan said...

MOM knows about the abuses that many FWs are suffering, but this Govt Agency dun wan to dirty its hands to deal with the tenacious nitty gritty work of investigations.
Sitting in aircon rooms, take easy option, look the other way.
Imagine, an injured FW waiting months for compensation from his employer, cannot work, resort to begging for food and sleep under open HDB blocks, no money to pay for doctor's fees when sick, or having to foot huge recruitment fees up to a year.
Or being taken advantage by unscrupulous employers for no overtime pay.
These FWs are humans with feelings and emotions.
Being forced into a corner, inevitably bite back and riot. This Govt only think about GDP growth and nothing else, when citizens voice concern at large FW influx, they accuse us of zeno something.
The Head of MOM should get the boot, he's eating snake so long.
Dun make a convenient scapegoat on these workers and booze, just to save its mein, after all what face to salvage when video after video go viral all round the world.

yujuan said...

A Chinese saying - No medicine to cure an illness.
A conclusion almost instantly popped out by the leaders, that booze is the cause of the "riot", even before the result of a COI is completed. So COI is only PR work.
Just look itself in the mirror, and ask why the "rioters" only attack Govt officers and their vehicles, leaving the retail shops untouched. Look round the world, a "real riot" would lout the shops. Should be called a "rebellion" against our Govt, have a bone to pick owing to grievances not addressed.
Still trying to absolve itself from responsibility? Or those below the Ministers only carry good tales to their masters, hiding the real truth on the ground. Shows how disconnected our leaders are from reality.
MOM is the culprit, idiots.
Any ordinary idiot would know our FWs are not happy with our Authorities, only the PAP idiots dun know. Or pretend not to know?
Oh whatever, couldn't care less. Beyond repair, the whole PAP machinery.
Die die also must save mein, what face, now everybody knows Singapore is just as unsafe as anywhere else in the world.

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