Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Two different ways of developing people for their working careers

Let me post the options of a university degree as follows:

a) Mr. X struggles for 4 years in university and manages to scrap through with a degree that is hardly recognized. He is recruited into the police force.

b) Mr. Y, with the same academic standard as Mr. X decides to join the police force 4 years earlier as a non-graduate and goes through an apprentice course as a police for 4 years, spending half the time on actual police work and the other half of the time attending the police academy.

Who is likely to be a better policeman, Mr. X or Mr. Y? Who should draw a higher salary? Is it better for more people, who are not academically inclined, to take the route of Mr. Y, instead of Mr. X? Will it produce a more competent work force?

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