Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Difficult to find a job without working experience

Students spend 3 or 4 years full time to get a university degree. On graduation, they expect to get a graduate's pay which is likely to be 50% higher than a non-graduate. But, they do not have any working experience and employers are not willing to incur the high cost for an inexperienced person.

The graduates are not willing to take a lower pay, as they have spent much money and time (or their parent's money) to get the degree. As a results, many graduates find it difficult to get a job.

This problem is faced not only in Singapore, but in many countries around the world. It is the phenomena of the unemployed graduates.

Those who are academically stronger and did better in their exams are able to get a job.

The unemployment rate is higher among the weaker graduates. These students should have taken a different route, e.g. to acquire experience in the workplace through apprenticeship, rather than spend the time in the university.

We have to address the wastage of resources and seek a better solution.

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