Saturday, June 25, 2016

An unnecessary referendum

Mr. Tan
One of our super ministers described the UK referendum as "an unnecessary referendum".He had implied that many of the voters were ignorant and cast their votes without understanding the harmful consequences. The referendum has backfired and the global economy is in turmoil. Do you agree with this view?"

Of course, to the people in power, it is an unnecessary referendum. These people like to stay in their ivory tower and to enjoy the privilege of power without being accountable to the people who are affected badly by their decisions.

They are so obsessed with their arrogance and self-perceived wisdom that they do not need to listen or act on the feedback or suggestions from the ordinary people.

They already know best, so why bother to hold a referendum? If they get their way, they will like to dispense with the regular general election as well.

They may be a significant proportion of the voters who voted without understanding the big picture of the global economy. However, we must not ignore the "wisdom of the crowd". Many of the voters voted based on how their daily lives were affected by the issues that concern them.

The people who voted wisely (even though they voted differently from what the establishment leaders would have wished them to) outnumbered those who voted ignorantly.

The conditions affecting the ordinary people in the UK, and in many other countries in the world, are unsatisfactory. The surprise vote to leave the European Union is a reflection of the anger of the ordinary people at these unsatisfactory conditions.

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Yujuan said...

Brexit is just leaving the EU block, what is at stake is the breaking up of UK, Cameron must surely have considered the repercussions, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would also clamour for their own referendems.
Cameron overly confident or an idiot to call for such a referendum, his name would go down in history as the Man who breaks up UK, and/or the man who sets the ball rolling, breaking up EU.
Our sincere sympathy to Cameron.
Quote from our esteemed LKY, May 2012 -
"I do not view the EU as an inspiration for the world.
I view it as an enterprise that was conceived wrongly because it was expanded too fast, and it will probably fail."
A prophecy in the making?

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