Friday, June 24, 2016

Google Map is more useful than our million dollar transport minister

I visited a friend in Oxley Biz Hub and took bus 70M to my home late at night. I could not see the roads and stops as I pass by, because it was dark outside. My eyesight was not good.

I am reminded again of how useless is our super transport minister KBW. He expects the commuters to be able to see at night and to know the roads and where to alight the bus.

He refused to provide any digital display on the bus or give any voice announcement.

I took out my mobile phone and looked at Google Map. It showed me where I was on the map. Being familiar with Singapore, I got my orientation and was able to know where to get off. What about other passengers who are not familiar with Singapore or with Google Map?

Maybe most of them will take a taxi and complain about the high cost of taxi fares and the high cost of living in Singapore.

If Google Map can give be so useful, why do we need to pay a million dollar salary to a useless transport minister?

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Yujuan said...

In many ways China is more advanced than Singapore,who tends to stick to
old hat methods of the past.
In Hangzhou, public buses would make voice announcements of each stop, so commuters dun have to check for their bus stops.
Another area NEA has to take leaf from Dalian, a coastal city in NE China,
their public waste bins are rectangular shape almost 1m wide. With the population "explosion" in Singapore in recent years, NEA still stick to the small green round bins. Try walking around in the early morning hours before the Blanga cleaners arrive, you see mountain of trash over and spread around these bins. Monkey see, monkey do, and they spend so much useless effort in educating people on trash behaviour, while they themselves are resistant to change.

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