Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fight to get back her money

A few months before the collapse of Profitable Group, Sally (not her real name) sent an email to me asking for help. She had invested a large sum of money in the products of that company and had an inkling that there was something wrong. The payment that was due to her on maturity was delayed by a few months.

I asked Sally to meet me to discuss the problem that she faced and the strategy to get her money back. She did not respond. Later she told me that the will take action on her own first, before approaching me again.

I learned from her later that she went to the office of Proftable Group, which was located near her office almost every day during her lunch hour and created a scene. The director of that company got her aside and discussed with her. To get rid of his problem, he paid her off.

Sally was one of the few people that managed to get her money back. She was prepared to fight to get back her money, and take whatever action was needed. She was prepared to become a nuisance to the company.

Most other people expected other people to fight for them After getting back their money, they are not prepared to pay for the time spent and the service rendered. They disappeared without a trace.  They had achieved their goal. They do not believe in compensating other people for their effort. 

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Yujuan said...

A lesson here for any investor.
When Minibonds tanked on news of LB's bankruptcy, one quick witted investor went to her Kay Hian broker to create a scene, demanding a refund.. Kay Hian the selling Agent refunded her entirely just to keep her shut up, as it's chaotic at the early stage.
The early bird catches the worm, as subsequent investors were told by KH to approach FIDREC instead.

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