Thursday, June 23, 2016

Visitor to the Singapore Cricket Club

I have been a member of the Singapore Cricket Club for 40 years. This was the first club that I joined. I continued the membership up to today. If you are interested, I don't play cricket. I also do not use the sports facilities.

The club is located at one end of the Padang in Singapore. It has members (like me) and guests (people who are introduced by members to dine at the club). It had one person called "the Visitor".

Who was "the Visitor"?

He was Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. When LKY was the prime minister and had his office in City Hall, he visited the club once a year and had dinner with the committee. He was given the title of "the Visitor".

I did not know how long he continued the practice and if this practice was passed to other prime ministers during the years.

Now that Mr. LKY is no longer with us, I wonder if the club still has "the Visitor".

Perhaps I should apply to get this special title. During the past 40 years, I visited the club an average of one time a year. Unlike Mr. LKY, I did not dine with the committee and have to pay my subscription as a member.

However, my application is likely to be ignored. This is the standard operating practice in Singapore. Perhaps there are many other members who have the same qualification as me. Hahaha.

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