Thursday, June 23, 2016

MAS approach is to use the "balanced score card"

Raymond Fong said

I wonder how agents are regulated at the operational level. Commissions based work in any field has been argued to be not in the interests of consumers due to the conflict of interests.
There should be a ban on commissions model and move on to consultation fee model instead. If the argument is that products need to be pushed to enable those industries to survive, then it is very telling that either the consumers are not familiar with the need for those products and/or the industries are not doing enough to create awareness and knowledge of their needing them.

It's time to move on to increase the awareness and knowledge of consumers rather than to rely on agents' monetary motivation to push products via commissions.

My sarcastic reply is that MAS solved the problem by introducing the "balanced score card". It is a hogwash. It does not address the root of the problem, which is the payment of commission. The bigger the premium, the higher the commission.

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Anonymous said...

The balance score card is a cover up and will never solve miss-selling as long MAS's head is buried in the shit.

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