Wednesday, June 22, 2016

All NS men will be covered by insurance paid by SAF

This is a sensible decision. But it took the PAP government 50 years to realize it.

This is better late than never, but it shows that Singapore needs a better way of making government policy decisions.


Anonymous said...

It's actually a no brainer to insure all NSmen and foot the bill instead of expecting NSmen to pay themselves. Can they expect NSmen to pay for their rifles and bullets themselves? Poor NSmen already sacrificed their time and youth yet have to insure themselves? This goes to show how daft Singaporeans are when they let this lousy and selfish policy go on for so many years unopposed!

Anonymous said...

Can the Government saved on funds by insuring the NS men itself without engaging an Insurance Company to do it? I believe the Government has enough funds to meet any eventuality. The terms and conditions of the insurance scheme can be the same as that handled by AVIVA.

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