Monday, June 20, 2016

Do not fall into this trap

Many people are likely to fall for this trap, if they are not careful. There are many agents who go around to mislead people and get them to invest in a life insurance policy - which will lead to a big loss of their savings.$2,000

To avoid this trap, I advise consumers to attend this talk. Spend 3 hours and learn some knowledge that will prevent them from falling for this kind of trap or other similar trap.

Act now. Failure to act can lead to disaster!


Anonymous said...

MAS doesn't care. You fall your business. Who ask you don't open your eyes big big. What MAS is saying is "if you are buying a life insurance go attend or take up a degree in life insurance before you buy" and this is consumers' responsibility and not MAS's business to protect you. MAS's job is to wayang only and maintain a presence and issue a directive from time to time to show it is doing something. And if there is enforcement it is also wayang. MAS will tell the aggrieved person to go for resolution by a body called FIDREC which is made up of own people who also wayang and if there is justice the wrong doers will be get a slap on the wrist and not million of dollars like FCA of UK will impose. MAS is a sham body beholden to some body. Wonder who?

Kin Lian Tan said...

Clearly MAS has to wake up and realize that they are neglecting their primary duty of protecting the insurance buyers from sham products and sales practices.

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