Monday, July 18, 2016

An excellent marketing approach

The account manager of the Job Central Portal sent an email to me, showing the details of their services.

I replied to him asking him to call me on a specific date and time. He did. We had a good chat about his services. He explained what was available that might suit my business.

I told him that I will bear him in mind when the need arises in the future.

Here are the things that he did right:

a) He sent an email (instead of interrupting me with an unexpected phone call)
b) He called me at the appointed date and time
c) He explained the services offered by the portal and identified which service might suit me.

Congratulations to the account manager and the Job Central Portal.

Many other businesses engaged telemarketers who call me without any prior appointment. Usually, the call interrupts me at my work. Often, the telemarketers are based overseas. When I hear that it is a telemarketing call, I said immediately, "Good bye" and hang up.

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