Sunday, July 17, 2016

Get a reasonable return on your investment

Most people get a poor return from their investment because they invest in the wrong investment. In some cases, they invested in scams.

The best way to get a reasonable return is to avoid the scams. This is how you can achieve this goal.


Yujuan said...

Let's be frank, there is not much worthy, good quality investments to be made for Singaporeans.
The SGX is slowly losing steam, all the good listed Companies going private quite rapidly, good Companies from Asean now prefer to list in their own countries, good Red Chips prefer to list in Hongkong or US, leaving the lesser , sometimes dubious quality foreign entities, or if local, only smaller SMEs listing on our local Ex. Even the newly listed Manulife US Reit, causing some excitement only have 3 properties in US.
Thank God they are not in UK or Euro, else this Reit would tank also.
So follow Warren Buffett, advising his family to invest only in Stock Indexes after his demise, as it's difficult to make living choosing individual stocks, mind you Singapore stocks are even much worse situation. Other Reits? Too many, not necessary good thing.
Of course have to write off all insurance products, other than for direct health protection, the former are mostly "legal" scams.
Left only Corporate bonds, just pray these Companies dun go belly up before maturity, and the miserable returns from Singapore Govt Savings Bonds, can't even cover for inflation.
Dear me, what's left to invest in for the ordinary Jack and Jill, so they gamble on land banks, gold schemes, agar wood schemes, birdnesting schemes, etc., hoping to make some big money to beat inflation.
If want to gamble, maybe buy Noble,Esxra or Exion shares in small amounts on our local bourse, you won't lose your pants, only kopi money, but if one turns up right, you make great returns, just watch why Temasek or Alibaba invest seemingly haphazardly across the world, just one right bet could more than cover up losses for those who tank.
Or play very safe, buy Nikko or STI ETF, as suggested by TKL, slow yes, just remember to buy whenever corrections occur, better than being scammed by Insurers or other predatory wolves, sleeping well at night is also an investment.

Jason said...

I keep hearing a lot of small timers and retail investors complain about how SGX is dead and no counters to trade.

Maybe that's true for institutions, but honestly I don't see how that has to do with normal layman investors. No matter what there are still 80-100 actively traded stocks/bonds/REIT/trust in SGX.

The typical retail investor probably has <$1 million, realistically he isn't going to own too much of each stock and have too many stocks in his portfolio. There should be more than enough liquidity and counters for normal investment purposes.

I notice people who make such complains are usually those who just want highly liquid and volatile penny stocks in which they can make a quick buck. If this sort of speculation is needed, just setup a brokerage to trade HK or US stocks, commissions are even lower than SGX in most cases.

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