Tuesday, July 19, 2016

High Speed Rail between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur - another step forward

Someone observed that it took three years of discussion to reach this stage of signing the Memorandum of Understanding. He observed that it was too long.

My view is that the time was not long, considering the need to do engineering studies and to estimate the cost and viability of the High Speed Rail. There was also the need to work out the respective shares to be contributed by the two countries.

Looking forward, the question is: Will this railway be feasible? I think so. In many countries in Europe, the railway is an important mode of transport.

Is budget airlines a better way to connect Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and other cities?

The asnwer is - we need both options. Where it can be connected by land and there is heavy traffic, railway makes a better option. But where it has to fly over mountains and oceans, and the traffic is light, airlines is a better option.

All the best to the Singapore KL High Speed Rail. I hope that it will soon connect to Ipoh, Penang and Bangkok.


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Yujuan said...

Some passing thoughts.
How to deal with immigration logistics, maybe each side clearing on each side. If too easy, then Malaysian workers working in Singapore can now
stay in Johore and commute over to work. This would deal a heavy blow to Singapore landlords renting rooms or apartments to Malaysians. Properties are cheaper in Johore, and even cheaper to rent. No wonder both Singaporeans and Malaysians are rushing to buy properties at the Nusajaya HSR Station.
What fares to set, tickets of HSR in other countries are not cheap. Ever try taking HSR in China, it's expensive. Try queuing at the bus stops at Kranji MRT stations, people prefer to join long queues to take cheaper Singapore buses to JB, rather than pay S$1 taking the Malaysian Causeway bus with lesser passengers.
All HSR rest of the world are losing money, except the Paris/London and the Osaka Tokyo HSR routes. Dun make economic sense to our money crazy Govt, and the money starved Malaysian Govt.
HSR benefits Singapore more than Malaysia, maybe our Govt hoping to make access to our 2 losing shine casinos easier for Malaysians to gamble here. Genting hotel in Jurong East could ferry Malaysian visitors by coach to Sentosa. Thus rumours about Malaysian Govt demands Singapore should help to chip money into kitty for construction costs on Malaysia side make sense.
Political squabbling over there take up too much attention, everyone fighting for political survival at expense of dealing with the rising terrorist threat. Could easily target bombing the rails.

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