Saturday, July 23, 2016

Obama - disappointing legacy

Mr. Tan,
I find President Obama 8 years as President to be quite disappointing. He was appointed in 2008 on a platform of change. He promised to change the way that the government worked in Washington. He promised to fix the gridlock. He received overwhelming support. The Democratic Party won over control of the House and the Senate.

He did not carry out is promise. Congress in Washington continued to be gridlocked. He was not able to pass through the reforms that he promised. His Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, was passed through in a watered down version. It was a big disappointment.

The mid term election in 2010 saw the Democrats lost control over the House. They lost control over the Senate in 2012.

After that, President Obama virtually did nothing. He spent the rest of his time giving speeches - he is good at that - but nothing else.

The Affordable Care Act was not great. It lead to further increase in health care cost. The Republicans all wanted to repeal the Act when they have the chance.

It is so sad that Prsident Obama did not leave behind any legacy for people to remember. During his term, there was a big increase in violence - senseless shootings and now shooting of the police officers.

What are your views?

I agree with your assessment. I am also disappointed that he did not achieve much during his 8 years are President. Although the employment figures had improved, most of the new jobs were low paying, part time jobs. The income disparity continued to widen.

Many ordinary workers are now against the establishment. They went for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

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