Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Make SMRT into a state owned corporation

Is it a good idea for Temasek to buy out SMRT and make it into a state owned company?

My view is "yes". It can be a state owned company and operate in the public interest. It will avoid the conflict of interest that is now inherent it its business model.

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Yujuan said...

Agreed, an essential public service like MRT operations should not be privatised, Temasek would never admit it's a failure to list SMRT in 2000.
Temasek taking over SMRT is mainly a cover for commuters' welfare, the main reason is the terrorist threat. The Orchard Station is the most vulnerable, you could control entrances and exits at Tang's side, the Ion Mall is completely wide open to anybody with a bag, and tourism is an important revenue source for Singapore. The richer the tourists the more kiasi, they value security and safety above high costs in Singapore.
One terrorist strike, they would switch to Hongkong or Shanghai.
So taking precautions to make our Stations safe is top priority, but need money to restructure the stations, SMRT could not afford or manage the security. They could not even prevent foreign grafitti trespassers to do mischief at the Bishan Depot, what more the more terrifying terrorist.
Govt should note the terrorist threat and take precautions 2 or 3 years earlier, the boast about seeing potential problems some years ahead and nip them in the bud dun hold water. They just watch uneasily the fire on the river bank when terrorists bombed tourists at Bali Kuta tourist area.
Next, what about the other train rail operator SBS.
China is already one step ahead of Singapore, HSR passengers have to go through security scans of body and bags before entry, dun know about their MRT security, guess security measures are also in place.

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